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Advantages of a wooden swing set?

The advantages of a wooden swing sets instead of plastic or metal residential playground equipment is significant? Wooden swing sets will likely cost you more than other types of swing sets but the additional cost comes with rewards. A wooden swing set is sturdier than most other styles supporting around 50 pounds more per child than sets constructed with other materials. Wooden outdoor swing sets last longer than most residential quality metal and plastic sets, which often show wear in a very short time. Our wooden sets are made with pressure-treated lumber have 10 warranty and a life usually much longer than that..

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Superior versatility!

Wooden swing sets are versatile,e offering various wood choices and stains to aid in complimenting your home or landscaping. Wooden swing sets look like a natural part of the landscape, blending with nature to offer beautiful that only wood can achieve. When selecting a set don't lose sight of the fact you will be looking at it for years to come. Make it beautiful!












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