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What To Consider When Purchasing Wood Swing Sets

First and foremost, the price of wood swing sets is usually the first thing to consider. What is your budget for a new wood swing set? What options and activities do you want for your child?

The warranty offered should be the next issue. What type of warranty? How long is the warranty effective? What does the warranty cover?

Next, what options are available for wood swing sets? Many different wood swing set manufacturers offer different play options, but choosing which one is right for your child can be daunting. Another consideration when purchasing wood swing sets is the area you wish to place the set. How much space do you have? How much space do you need? Is the space ready for installation or is landscape work needed? Will the swing set have plenty of safety space around it?

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Safety of your wood swing set.

When considering purchasing a wood swing set, always consider your child's safety. Most all of the wood swing sets require a 6' safety space be placed around the set's perimeter. This is to ensure that your child has plenty of space to enjoy all of the features of the playset without interfering with any surrounding landscape features, i.e.; trees, fences and driveways. Look out for any features that may interfere with another. Is the slide aiming in the right direction? Will the swings swing out and hit anything nearby?

Keeping these features in mind when looking to purchase will help you and your children enjoy the wood swing set all the more.



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