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Are you in the market for residential playground equipment?

Welcome to the Buyer’s Guide for purchasing residential playground equipment. Choosing which backyard playground to purchase for your children can be an overwhelming task. In order to help make your shopping for playgrounds easier, we have introduced several pages that may answer most, if not all of your questions. If these pages do not answer your question, give your local retailer a call and they will address any of your concerns.

Following is an outline of these pages to help better acquaint you with our products.
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I. Why Choose Wood?
A. Why choose wooden swing sets?
1. appearance
2. options for residential playground equipment
B. More versatile outdoor swing sets
1. different stains and sealants
2. more natural look for your backyard playground

II. What types of wood are available?
A. Only the best materials for wooden swingsets

1. Preserved Pine
2. Redwood

B. Only the best finishes for a wooden swingset
1. Amber Stain
III. Why have it installed?
A. How are the wooden swing sets installed?
1. Detailed instructions for do-it-yourselfers
2. Check with retailer regarding residential playground equipment installation services
3. Professional backyard playground installation versus installing yourself
4. keep in mind
· tool requirements
· time involved

IV. What else should I consider?
A. What to consider when purchasing wood swingsets
1. Price
2. Budget
3. Options for residential playground equipment
4. Where will the backyard playground be located?

B. Safety of your wood swing set
1. Safety perimeter
2. playground slide direction
3. Conflicting play areas


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